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An Introduction

 After many years of avAVP 2012oiding using a URL with my  full name, I have finally given in – only because at this point in time, it makes functional sense for me to so do.

Because of search engines, curious people get a concoction of information about what we do and who we are across several pages.There are multiple sources out there, which is fine. But I am not responsible for the accuracy of the content you find about ayshah victoria powers since much of it is out-of-date or just plain inaccurate. Also, there is a lot of it – because I am involved in so many activities – which is fodder for inaccuracies.

On a weekday morning, you could easily find me trying not to pass out in the gym (my trainer is relentless – as he should be) or engaging with a client or walking my dogs followed by a full afternoon of writing or editing or lost in the world of non-profit volunteerism. My evening may be spent in a yoga or meditation or photography class. Of course I may just be as easily found binge-watching one of the series I refuse to admit I am hooked on – or debating back and forth with my husband on what to do for dinner.

 On a Saturday night, I could be baby-sitting a friend’s child (which makes me sooooo happy) as much as I could be dancing my derrière off. You never know.  C’est ma vie.

I am one of those creatures who uses her left and right brain equally – with (I like to think…) strategic precision. I naturally embrace both the creative and the analytical aspects of myself. This means I can be equally happy lost in an excel spreadsheet for hours or engrossed in some creative dialogue with the marketing department.

Like many British girls’ schools, my secondary school (high school) had rounders (British schoolgirl’s version of softball – and perhaps an “ancestor” of baseball?) as one of its team sports. The fielders hated it when I came up to bat because they never knew if I was going to switch from my left and to my right hand at the last minute. Oh we had a lot of fun with that!

Nonetheless, my main love was always (field) hockey. I played at college too. I even bravely tried it years later when I moved to the US – but I discovered there are times when one has to let go of certain aspects of one’s youth  – a Desiderata-related lesson for me… So these days, I make do with attending an ice hockey game once in a while.

Creating a website with my full name is a good way to consolidate my countless online publications. I am slowly adding articles and stories I have written so that everything is in one place. It is also a good spot to list my other websites. It’s all part of owning your online identity – which I am a strong advocate for. At least – as much as one is able to own.

For the record,  these days, I may be known to more people as Victoria  (my middle name) rather than Ayshah – a proper explanation of which I prefer to do in person.  Short version – instead of correcting people who may have difficulty saying my first name, hence possibly causing them to feel bad or uncomfortable, I would rather offer them the easier name to use.

This website has some blogs, a professional bio, some references to my areas of interest and several links to many of my websites.

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