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Should you find yourself buried within the depths of an unfortunate catastrophe without a conscious memory of the path just taken, one might assume that though evidentially  only a sub-section of your cerebral functionality may have been in use, there was  nonetheless a decision made by you to act.

So without creating any convoluted excuses for stupendous judgement, it must be concluded that a conscious choice was made during the circumstances preceding said catastrophe. 

The act (or art, in some cases) of indiscretion is within itself a misdemeanor. That which might be purposeful in applying knowledge in an unforeseen catastrophe, must inherently deter from further involvement, should the erroneous act reproduce itself implicitly or explicitly. Inasmuch as one’s personal stance can be attributed to an outcome, it is not unthinkable to adhere to pre-conceived societal norms in such an instance. After all, “they” all do it. Don’t they?

Then to the question of consequential scarring. To allow the musing that you may jump into volcanic lava without damaging yourself must remain in the colorful yet delusional realm of fantasy. By the same token, consequences must follow action, deliberate or otherwise. He whose act was deliberate however, is at an advantage due to the presumptive evidence of expectation. Therefore there is no ground for claims of surprise upon discovering the unpleasant repercussion of said acts.

Originally written: 2006 | All Rights Reserved © A.V.Powers

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Author: A. V. Powers

Performance Coach | Writer | Student of Life


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