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My professional life  has been an open book – since I have been quite involved in the world of social media marketing. I left the 9 – 5 (corporate) world a few years ago to start my own business as a performance strategies consultant and coach – aka The Performance Strategist.

I have also produced and/or provided marketing campaigns for events such as business networking, self-improvement seminars, music concerts, book promotions, etc.

I even created and ran the Atlanta International Social Club for 3 years which gave birth to many, many fantastic connections across the Atlanta business and social stage. I had a lot of fun taking members out on boating trips, luxury mountain cabin escapes and even a weekend away to Savannah! The highlight was our annual themed costume party. The membership club was “family” to many transplants (from abroad as well as US born) who were able to form new relationships with like-minded cosmopolites! Closing the club down while it was in full swing was a very hard  but necessary decision for me to make.

I moved to the Washington D.C. area in 2015 because I believe in being an active participant in choosing the life you want to live. Plus, I have to practice what I teach. Today, I live an ideal working life, split comfortably between the business of writing, non-profit volunteerism and rebranding my business.

Yes, I am doing what I have helped others do. I am rebranding my performance strategies business as I embrace my time of transition.

I’m coaching less and consulting more though – which is a relevant part of my professional transition path.

If you haven’t already, you will hear me speak more often about Mindful Leadership, Compassion and Emotional Intelligence as they relate to an improved personal and professional life.

Meanwhile – I do take on new clients from time to time – if the  prospective relationship is in sync with my transition process. If not, I ALWAYS refer requests to my very extensive network.

My Professional Method of Operation

I am direct, intuitive and knowledgable and believe in a customized approach for each and every relationship. I believe in developing a healthy work-life balance. I operate within the structure of strong ethics and confidentiality. My clients benefit from quality services that don’t break the bank. Because of this I have historically only engaged with a limited number of new clients each quarter.


Here’s a list of the clients I have been sought by:

  • Corporate Executives  – for personnel management issues and for one-on-one confidential strategic planning
  • Business Owners – for branding, re-branding, social media marketing strategies or team dynamics
  • High Achievers – for career development or career changes
  • Individuals in life or career Transitions
  • NGOs – campaign development and team dynamics
  • Artists – for social media campaign strategies and promotions

If you’d like to speak with me – get in touch

Here are some areas that I often collaborate with my small but powerful network of partners on:

  1. Web Design & Development
  2. Logo Design & Branding
  3. Business Law
  4. Organizational Efficiency
  5. Lean & Process Improvement Strategies
  6. Healthcare Management
  7. Human Resources

If you’d like to partner with me in some capacity – get in touch

For more details, click here for my current bio

Click here for my LinkedIn Profile

Click here for my coaching/consulting site
(I have some exciting new programs! )



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