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A.V. Powers (The Performance Strategist) is the Founder and Managing Partner of ExecPointe, LLC, a performance strategies consulting company. With a background in psychology and corporate business practices including commercial mortgage banking, real estate sales, public relations, diplomatic affairs and social media marketing, she is a very well-equipped consultant, coach and mentor.

A.V. Powers moved to the US from the UK in the mid 1990s and soon become a goto person for driven professionals who sought her unbiased, confidential professionalism and instinctive interpersonal knowhow. She quickly developed a reputation for leadership and team development.

Today, as The Performance Strategist, A.V. Powers’ clients seek her out to improve the performance of their company/product or to develop their brand – particularly relating to social media identities and leadership development. Her consultation is favored by high-achievers in both corporate and NGO sectors.

Recognized as an advocate for cross-cultural communication and cultural diplomacy, A.V. Powers has developed an extensive business network and has often been asked to produce highly customized events. In doing so, she formed global business and social networking initiatives to improve cultural communication within the international community in Atlanta where she produced international-related events which invariably led to long-term business and social relationships for members and guests.

A.V. Powers continues to serve as advisor and/or board member for non-profit organizations as well as volunteering whenever she is able to. She is also very passionate about peace initiatives , international collaboration among women and is an advocate for mindful leadership.

An active writer and blogger, A.V. Powers has produced dozens of fiction and non-fiction projects over the years including creative non-fiction, inspirational articles, opinion pieces, memoirs, technical  writing and fantasy.

Ayshah Victoria Powers now lives in the Washington D.C. area with her husband, an Operational Efficiency expert, Lean sensei and prior United States Marine. They enjoy traveling, cooking together, boating and discovering new mountain escapes.