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Living my Passion | Living with Purpose | Living in Peace


My Simple Philosophy

visitorsI am an extremely PASSIONATE woman in every sense of the word.  I channel this passion towards my PURPOSE – or purposes. I believe we have several purposes in life and we learn of them by choice.  I chose to find out what my purposes are – that is, the purposes of my existence.  I discovered that there are many. And they are seasonal.

I believe that my life is simply a series of seasons, each of which holds a different purpose for my existence. In understanding the very core of who I am, I can uncover vital tools for living a fulfilling life. Herein lies my peace!

Therefore, I court PEACE on a daily basis.  How? By ensuring that my passions are clearly applied to my current purpose – which in turn gives me peace. It gives me peace to know, for certain that  I am doing what I am meant to do. It’s really that simple. 

I am perfectly imperfect.

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