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Why Bother Striving To Be Happy?

Do you strive to be Happy? It may be important to be Happy, however Happiness does not come knocking on your door.

Understanding the components of what makes you HAPPY is paramount to living your life with a powerful level of energy, peace and satisfaction.


(1) You cannot wake up each morning holding on to negative emotion and expect to have a good day.  Wallowing in one’s misery can be an addictive exercise that erodes the mind of repair and regeneration.

(2) This very moment is the only moment you are living in and you choose the emotion to hold onto.  Why not strive for something (lasting) that lifts you up.

STRIVING TO BE HAPPY is a fruitful task that becomes easier and more successful the more you are tapped into your true self.  It allows you to embrace the next moments of your life with a stronger sense of self-reliance and confidence.

It is a conscious act that is at its most powerful when performed subconsciously.

Being HAPPY is a process that requires definition and refinement whereas JOY  (see article “The Concept of Joy”) can come instantly and  leave just as quickly.  One is “happy” when experiencing a moment of joy, but true HAPPINESS is a more deep-rooted and highly valuable state of mind.

ACHIEVING HAPPINESS is possible beginning the moment you decide to say the following 3 statement out loud yourself (yes, OUT LOUD) whenever you catch your mind dwelling on things that make you unhappy;

“I want to be happy”

“I can be happy”

“I will be happy”.

You will immediately enter into  a mindset that you have created yourself  – and that you alone can control.  You have decided that happiness is possible but you have also implanted the desire and belief that happiness is achievable.  Without this desire and belief, you will be fighting a losing battle against the effects of any deep-rooted negative thought-processes you may be holding on to.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Jim Rohn

Being Happy is an active process and the more you feed your mind with positive imagery and ideas while purposefully terminating the growth of further negative influences, the closer you will be to BEing HAPPY.


Originally written: 2010 | All Rights Reserved © A.V.Powers

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